Climate Box Textbook

The central part of the Climate Box toolkit is an illustrated textbook which provides information on climate change science, climate change impacts, as well as solutions, best practices and case studies on how to reduce your personal carbon footprint and adapt to inevitable impacts.

The textbook consists of three main parts corresponding to the main aspects of the climate change topic:

  1. The problem of climate change and its main causes;
  2. How climate change affects the natural world and human beings. Can we adapt to the inevitable consequences of climate change? This section contains many interesting and informative facts about natural anomalies, examples of the consequences of climate change impacts on coastal, mountain and Arctic regions, forests, cities and countries.
  3. How to prevent climate change?

Part 4 includes guidelines for teachers on how to use the toolkit.

The English version of the textbook can be read online and is accessible below.


Remember that the Climate Box toolkit, including the textbook, is available in 13 different languages and can be accessed here.