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As the climate becomes warmer, the level of the world ocean:

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Which of these countries will suffer the most if the level of the ocean rises by more than one metre by the end of the present century?

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Which of these cities is not threatened by rising levels of the world ocean?

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A ‘heat-wave’ in Denmark is defined as a period of at least 3 consecutive days in which the average maximum temperature in most of the country exceeds:

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In which of these geographical regions are tornadoes most frequent?

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Which of these natural disasters are not related to climate change?

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Which of these houses Eskimos cannot build without snow?

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Which of these ecosystems has the richest species diversity?

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Which ecosystem is unaffected by rise in the level and temperature of the world ocean?

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You are an ecotourist if:

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According to classification of protected areas by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), economic activity is not allowed in:

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What is protected in a biosphere reserve?

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What country has more forests than any other country in the world?

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What climate factor defines the northern boundary of boreal forests?

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What climate factor defines the southern boundary of boreal forests?

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In which of the following countries are personal incomes the lowest?

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What share of the world population lives below the poverty line?

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Who of the following could be called a climate migrant?

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Which of these people will most likely be the first to lose his job as a result of climate change?

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What is a ‘heat-island’?

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Which of these climate change impacts has the least affect on people’s lives and ecosystems in the Arctic?

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By how much has ice coverage in the Arctic shrunk in the last 40 years?

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What share of Russia’s territory has permafrost?

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Which of these economic sectors, often found in mountain regions, is least vulnerable to the impact of climate change?

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Why do glacial lakes represent a hazard due to climate change?

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A landslide in the mountains is:

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Who of the following authors most likely would have changed the title of his/her work of literature due to climate change impacts, if they wrote it at the end of the 21st century?

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The most obvious sign of climate change in mountain regions is:

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The production of which agricultural crop in South-East Asia could be significantly reduced by rising sea levels?

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The main climate problem for countries of the Middle East will be:

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Which of these regions of the world is particularly prone to drought?

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70% of all fresh water used by people is used for:

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Most of the world’s reserves of fresh water are concentrated in:

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How do Russia’s forests influence carbon levels in the atmosphere?

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What is the ratio between emission and absorption of carbon in forests where there are many old trees?

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Absorption of carbon in young forests:

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In Eastern Siberia pine forests are advancing into steppe ecosystems because of:

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Which of the following deciduous tree species is among the most widespread in North America?

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Which of the following coniferous tree species is the most widespread in Siberia?

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