Training Module for Teachers

Published Date: March 1, 2021
English Category: Training Course Awareness & Capacity Building

The module contains materials for teachers, educators, tutors, educational program developers, and a wide range of people interested in climate change education. It is designed to build the capacity of teachers or education experts in climate education, as part of the formal qualification system.

The objectives of the training module are:

  1. Raising climate awareness among school teachers to facilitate the introduction of climate education in primary, secondary, and high schools.
  2. Assisting teachers in the practical application of the Climate Box toolkit by facilitating the incorporation of the climate change topics into the school curriculum, extracurricular activities, and further education.
  3. Encouraging innovative pedagogical approaches to integrating climate change education into school education and raising awareness of climate change.

The training module for teachers presents numerous examples on approaches to climate education, climate adaptation projects, and practices to reduce the individual carbon footprint from participating countries in the climate Box program. Its recommendations on the application of the training module consider the peculiarities of national education systems in different countries.

The training modules consist of two sub-modules that can be found on the learning material’s main page. Below you can download the Training Module for Teachers.