Teachers Training Module 2: Resources and approaches to Climate Education

Published Date: April 15, 2021
English Category: Training Course Awareness & Capacity Building

This module provides practical guidance on various approaches to the education of schoolchildren and youth on the topic of climate change, including how to use the UNDP Climate Box toolkit and other resources.

Below you can download:

  • course materials on the practical application of the Climate Box toolkit to raise awareness of schoolchildren on climate change issues from responsible behavior and attitude leading towards a low carbon and climate-resilient future
  • guidelines and recommendation for school children and teachers to carry out climate projects and  organize and host climate project activity respectively
  • a document on creating an effective climate education system through networks and interagency
  • materials on good practices for the delivery of climate education at school using the Climate Box toolkit
  • examples of thematic lessons on climate change using the Climate Box toolkit
  • examples for climate education games, and
  • material on monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of climate education, awareness, and capacity-building activities.